Latex Gel


Gel Polish Latex Liquid Nail Simple Peel off Cuticle Guard for Nail Polish Nail Art Liquid Latex Barrier Protector 15ml White Gel Polish Manicure Cuticle Protectors Gifts for women

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    • What you get: 1 Liquid Latex for Nails, hassle-free and friendly customer service.
    • Using Step: 1. Apply to areas where you want free of polish. 2. Allow to dry for 1-2 minutes until it turns clear. 3.Create your desired nail art style(stamping, gradient, marbling or etc.) 4. Rub the edge of Latex Tape with your finger or tweezers and peel it off.
    • Formula withstands colder temperatures Without Drying! Safe Formula, Does not Hurt the Skin, Quick Dry, Easy to Use
    • Perfect for nail art, stamping, Ombre nails, etc
    • The product will freeze and agglomerate when the temperature is lower than 0 degrees. Please note that this is a normal phenomenon. When the product is frozen, please do not open the bottle cap and twist the brush. Just keep the product indoors and under warm conditions. It will automatically defrost and restore performance.


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